Tournament UV Paint Secret Revealed!

Fish Vision Ultraviolet UV Reflective Lure & Jig Paint.

That is all you need for a successful fishing experience, whether your fishing for fun or in a competitive environment. It's no longer a UV secret! Fish Vision is not a messy powder paint, it is a easy to work with liquid paint! Just brush, dip or spray your favorite jigs and lures!

Look at the pictures below to see exactly how Fish Vision works. The lure in the middle is painted with Fish Vision UV lure & jig paint, the left lure is a regular jig and the lure on the right is a glow jig. The lures are viewed with a UV camera, and you can see how the Fish Vision painted jig glows as all of the jigs are submerged deeper and deeper. In 10 feet of water, you can barely see the left and right lures, in 20 feet of water, they basically disappear. But the patent pending Fish Vision UV painted jig is still bright and bold for the fish to see and bite at!

Fish Vision UV paint was designed to help you catch fish, WE DO NOT CONDONE ANY UNSPORTSMAN OR ILLEGAL CONDUCT! Please know the fish limits in the state you are fishing in!

Fish Vision UV lure & jig paint is easy to use, NEVER needs recharging, NEVER fades and it is 200 times brighter than glow paint! Give your jigs and lures a UV blast with Fish Vision, just paint your lures, spinners and more, let dry and fish away! Increase your catch size and amount!

Fish Vision

*Fish Vision UV lure and jig paint never fades. *NEVER need to be recharged. *Always glows. *No lights needed *UV Powered!.

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